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Announcing a Partnership with Story of Redemption and Heartlight / Verse of the Day!

We are excited to announce a partnership with Story of Redemption and Heartlight Ministries and Verse of the Day! These ministries have a distribution of over 500,000 unique users everday.

In 2017, the Story of Redemption will send out at least two FREE Story of Redemption videos to and Heartlight and Verse of the Day users each month. We look forward to this partnership, and pray that God blesses this to help lead seekers to faith and strengthen the faith of believers!


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The Story of Redemption is an evangelistic Bible study series, now being made into a professional film series, designed to help seekers explore the biblical story as well as strengthen the faith of believers. Features powerful storytelling, relevant biblical teaching, and incredible cinematography for this series, filmed across the US (Southern California, Washington, D.C.) and in Israel!
This short video is both a trailer for the series as well as an introduction to the first part of the story, asking common questions, such as, "Who is God and what is he like? Where did we come from and why do we exist? If there is a God, why is there so much pain, evil, and suffering in the world? And, does God have a plan for my life?"
The Story of Redemption is divided into the following eight parts. Each of these eight parts has 4-5 short videos within it, which are found on this website. You can watch the videos on this site, and download .pdfs on this site that go along with the study.

Share this trailer video with a friend and invite them to go through the Story of Redemption with you and/or a "seeker small group"--a group of seekers and Christ-followers who journey together and explore the biblical story and life's deepest questions. 



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