Evangelism Tracks

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The Story of Redemption can be used as a great evangelism series, with different lengths of tracks and formats. The series can be used as a:

  • 5 Week Series - great for a shorter series one-on-one or in a seeker small group; also, a great series for Bible classes for seekers and new members; seekers get to hear the gospel from this, and new members receive a discipleship and evangelism training tool
  • 8 Week Series - this is a great length for a seeker Bible study one-on-one in a small group setting; a seeker small group is an intentional mix of Christians and seekers who come together to explore faith
  • English Learning Version - this is a great version for those who want to practice conversational English, using the video series
  • Youth Camp - the Story of Redemption makes for great youth camp curriculum, with a special recommended track for youth camps