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Week 1 - Love and Creation
1.1 - In the Beginning (PLAY FOR SURE)
Explore questions such as, who is God? Where do we come from? Why is there so much pain and suffering in the world? Does God have a plan for my life?
1.2 - Made Out of Love
Why did God make us? God is himself love. And just as a loving couple has a child to love, so God desired to have a people to love. Filmed in Kenya!
Week 2 - Love and Creation
1.3 - Community is Lost & Destroyed (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
God created Adam and Eve to live in loving community with him and each other. But when they failed to trust God, this loving community was lost.
1.4 - Chaos, Cancer, and Death & God's Plan of Redemption (PLAY FOR SURE)
God created everything good. Then everything became broken. But God has a plan to redeem all of humanity. This is the Story of Redemption!
Week 3 - The God of Grace
2.1 - God's Grace To Adam & Eve, Us (PLAY FOR SURE)
What is grace? Grace is an unearned, free gift from God. And God gives us his grace everyday with our family, children, jobs, food, and more.
2.2 - God's Grace to Cain (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
Week 4 - The God of Grace
2.3 - God's Grace to Noah (PLAY FOR SURE)
During Noah's time, the entire world had become evil and violent. So God decided to destroy the world. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
2.4 - The Tower of Babel (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
God told humanity to spread out and multiply. Instead, the people decided to stay together and build a tower to heaven. Filmed in Mexico!
Week 5 - Faith
3.0 - C.S. Lewis' Story of Faith
C.S. Lewis grew up in a Christian home, then became an atheist. But his Christian friends helped lead him back to God. Filmed in the UK!
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3.1 - God Makes a Great Request and Promise (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
God called Abram to leave everything behind and to follow him, promising him that he would bless his life. He was asking him to trust him.
Week 6 - Faith
3.2 - Abraham Makes a Great Response (PLAY FOR SURE)
Abram does indeed go when God calls, and is called the "father of faith." But Abram had many questions along the way. This too is faith.
3.3 - A Personal Relationship with God (Additional Video)
In a mysterious encounter, God appears to Abraham in the guise of three men at his tent one day. Would we welcome God if he showed up today?
Week 7 - Incarnation
4.1 - The Birth of Jesus Christ
Matthew's account of Christ's birth has the story of the wise men who come from the East to bring gifts to Christ the king. Filmed in Bethlehem!
4.2 - John the Baptist and the Kingdom of God (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
John the Baptist was the first true prophet in Israel for over 400 years. He called people back to God with a message of repentance & the kingdom.
Week 8 - Incarnation
4.3 - Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan River
Jesus himself was baptized by John the Baptist, receiving the Spirit of God and beginning his ministry after this. This forms a pattern for our lives.
4.4 - Jesus' Temptations & the Spiritual Disciplines (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
Jesus faced temptations from Satan in the desert. How did he overcome this? Through prayer, fasting, the Spirit, and a commitment to God's call.
Week 9 - Discipleship
5.1 - Jesus Calls His Disciples at the Sea of Galilee (PLAY FOR SURE)
Jesus chose ordinary people like fishermen to be his disciples. They were not the best students, but Jesus chose them. Filmed at the Sea of Galilee!
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5.2 - Light of the World (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his disciples, "You are the light of the world." And the early church was indeed a light to the Roman Empire.
Week 11 - The Road to the Cross
6.1 - A Ransom for Many (PLAY FOR SURE)
As Jesus made his way from Jericho to Jerusalem to die for us, he tells his disciples why he came to earth - to give his life as a ransom for us.
6.2 - Seeing Jesus Clearly - The Triumphal Entry (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
Jesus was viewed as teacher, prophet, and an earthly king. But who was and is he really? Trace Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem in the triumphal entry.
Week 12 - The Road to the Cross
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6.3 - Jesus Confronts the Religious Leaders in the Temple (ADDITIONAL VIDEO)
Jesus did a radical thing, chasing moneychangers and buyers/sellers out of the temple with a whip. He cared about the injustice shown in the temple.
6.4 - Jesus is Betrayed at the Garden of Gethsemane (PLAY FOR SURE)
Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one of his disciples and friends, with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver. In the end, he was abandoned and left alone.
Week 13 - Crucifixion and Death
7.1 - Jesus' Trial Before the High Priest
Jesus was brought before the high priest and put on trial. But he had lived a perfect life. So what charge would he be convicted of?
7.2 - Jesus' Trial Before Pilate
Jesus was brought before the Roman governor Pontius Pilate and put on trial. Despite his silence and clear innocence, he was condemned.
Week 14 - Crucifixion, Death, and Burial
7.3 - Jesus' Crucifixion and Death (PLAY FOR SURE)
Jesus, the Son of God, willingly went to the cross to die for us. And in his crucifixion and death, he purchased our redemption out of love for us.
8.2 - The Burial of Jesus Christ
The burial of Jesus emphasizes the reality that Jesus had indeed really died, with all of its sorrow and loss of hope. But hope would come . . . .
Week 15 - Resurrection, New Life, and Mission
8.3 - PART 1 - Resurrection, Hope, and Reasons to Believe (PLAY FOR SURE)
Christ's resurrection is the only incredible event the world has ever scene. And there are many reasons to believe-- including hope for our lives.
8.3 - PART 2 - Resurrection, Hope, & the Gospel
What is the gospel? At its core, the gospel includes Christ's death, burial, and resurrection for our sins, and the new life this makes possible.
Week 16 - Resurrection, New Life, and Mission
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Story of Redemption 8.4 - Baptism and New Life in Christ
We are saved by grace through faith. So how do we take hold of the new life in Jesus Christ? By trusting God in faith, repentance, and baptism.
Story of Redemption 8.5 - The Great Commission
After the resurrection, Jesus gave his disciples a mission - the Great Commission - to go into the world, make disciples, baptize, & teach!

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