Joseph's Story of Redemption

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Discussion Questions:

  • What are some of the family dysfunctions that you see in the story of Jacob, Joseph, and his brothers? Why would God choose to work through this type of family to achieve his promise of a Messiah?
  • In all of the bad things that happened to Joseph, what do you think was the worst? What would have been the worst for you?
  • By God revealing to Joseph the Pharaoh's dream and its meaning, Joseph was "redeemed" and elevated to the second highest position in the land. Do you believe that God can redeem our lives like this still today?
  • What did Joseph do to his brothers when they came to him seeking food? Do you think his actions were justified and righteous or not?
  • Joseph named his sons Manassas, meaning, "causing to forget," and Ephraim, meaning "blessed." How do you think Joseph's blessings later in life changed his perspective on his sufferings?
  • If you know the story of Jesus, what parallels do you see between Joseph's story and Christ's story?