Story of Redemption 1.4 - Why is there Chaos, Pain, and Death in the World?

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About This Class

Story of Redemption 1.4

Extended Discussion / Devotional Thoughts on Story of Redemption 1.4 - 

The Story of Redemption Film Series has eight parts, with 4-5 videos in each part, each video being 5-6 minutes long. The series is designed to where this series can be gone through in eight weeks, with several videos being watched each week. However, each video can also serve as a stand alone devotional thought / discussion prompter. The questions below are for using the SOR 1.4 video (one of several videos in part 1 of this series) in this more extended fashion. CLICK HERE to begin watching the full series!

Using this Video as a Devotional Thought or in a (Seeker) Small Group

Questions to Ask

  • Adam and Eve failed to trust God, and God punished them for their sin--just as, for the good of the child--a parent corrects a child that has gone astray. What happens to children who go uncorrected? What about people?
  • God is "holy"--that is, he is pure, different from all else, and free of sin. Sin separates us from God, who is holy, and brings about "death" (in our relationships with God and others). Would we want the alternative--a God who embraces sin and does not correct it?
  • God indicates that there will be strife between male and female relationships because of sin (husbands/wives). How does sin interfere with intimtate male/female relationships?
  • God punishes the serpent, and says that there will be enmity (hostility) between Eve's descdendants (people) and the serpent (Satan). Where do you see Satan at work today, seeking to destroy people?
  • The ground itself was cursed because of sin. From this, there is a chaos / randomness in nature, with earthquakes, tornadoes, cancer, and death. But this is not the world that God originally intended. Why is this important to understand? What questions do these type of events bring for you?
  • Much hurt and heartache in this world is caused by people misuing the freewill that they have been given to hurt others. Is there any alternative world that could exist in which there is true freewill, but no one is ever hurt by the exercise of this freewill?

Using this Video to Reach Out to Seekers (on an Individual Level)

  1. Step 1: Pray for your seeker friend, and ask God to bless your conversations and relationship with them. 

  2. Step 2: Send Out This Video Link Through Social Media / Email
    If sending through social media / email, send the link to this page out to a seeker friend with the following note: "Hi ________. I wanted to share this short video with you from a film series that I found. It seems to address some good questions about who God is and why we are here. I will follow-up with you in a day or two to see what you think, maybe grab some coffee and discuss a bit."
  3. Step 3: Reach out to Your Friend and seek to set up a time to get together socially to discuss.
  4. Step 4: Ask some of the above questions that come from the video when you get together.

  5. Step 5: Ask your seeker friend what you can be praying for for them


For Further Study - DOWNLOAD the .pdf of Part 1 in the Story of Redemption!

Discovery Bible Study - Make three columns on a piece of paper  In column 1, write out the following verse. In column 2, write the verse in your own words. In column 3, write out how you will apply this verse this week.

"23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, 24 and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus" (Romans 3:23-24).

What do you learn about God and people from the following passages?

Romans 5:6-8

Romans 5:14-15

Romans 5:17

Romans 5:19

Romans 6:23

Ephesians 1:4

1 Peter 1:15-16