Story of Redemption 2 - The God of Grace

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Story of Redemption 2 - The God of Grace
Story of Redemption 2.1 - Grace: God's Unconditional, Every Day Love and Blessing
What is grace? Grace is an unearned, free gift from God. And God gives us his grace everyday with our family, children, jobs, food, and more.
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Story of Redemption 2.2 - God's Grace to People Like Cain
Adam and Eve had two children initially - Cain and Abel. Horribly, Cain would kill his brother Abel. Would God give him grace?
Story of Redemption 2.3 - God's Grace to Noah
During Noah's time, the entire world had become evil and violent. So God decided to destroy the world. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.
Story of Redemption 2.4 - God's Grace to Babel?
God told humanity to spread out and multiply. Instead, the people decided to stay together and build a tower to heaven. Filmed in Mexico!

About This Class

In this second part of the Story of Redemption, an understanding of God and the grace that he gives to us freely in our lives comes to be understood from the early stories of the Bible in Genesis - Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah's world, and the Tower of Babel.