Story of Redemption 3 - Faith & God's Promise to Abraham

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Story of Redemption 3
Story of Redemption 3.0 - C.S. Lewis' Story of Faith
C.S. Lewis grew up in a Christian home, then became an atheist. But his Christian friends helped lead him back to God. Filmed in the UK!
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Story of Redemption 3.1 - God Makes a Great Request & Promise
God called Abram to leave everything behind and to follow him, promising him that he would bless his life. He was asking him to trust him.
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Story of Redemption 3.2 - Abraham Has a Great Response
Abram does indeed go when God calls, and is called the "father of faith." But Abram had many questions along the way. This too is faith.
Story of Redemption 3.3 - A Personal Relationship with God
In a mysterious encounter, God appears to Abraham in the guise of three men at his tent one day. Would we welcome God if he showed up today?
Story of Redemption 3.4 - The Dead Sea Scrolls
Story of Redemption 3 - Extra
<p>Extended Discussion / Devotional Thoughts on Story of Redemption 3.2 - God Makes a Great Promise</p> <p>The Story of Redemption Film Series has...

About This Class

In this part of the Story of Redemption, we learn what it means to have faith and trust God through the story of Abraham, who is called the "father of faith."