Story of Redemption 5.2 - The Light of the World and the Early Church

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Story of Redemption 5.2 - The Light of the World & the Early Church

From Part 5 - The Incredible Life of a Disciple of Jesus Christ

Discussion Questions:

  • Jesus told his disciples, "You are the light of the world." What do you think that it means to be the light of the world? How can we be a light to the world today?
  • In "The Beatitudes," Jesus says that those who are poor in spirit, merciful, meek, peacemakers, and more are blessed in his kingdom. How are these value different than that those of the world?
  • In his book The Rise of Christianity, Rodney Stark estimates that the number of people seeking to follow Christ grew nearly 40 percent per decade in the first three centuries after Christ. During this time the church had few political leaders or laws on their side. What do you think caused the Christian faith to grow so quickly?
  • The early Christians valued life, women, children, and marriage? Why?
  • The early Christians reached out to people of all races, socio-economic levels, and ethnicities. Why does Christianity have such a universal call?



Advanced Comprehension / Discovery Bible Study (Optional)
– To use the Discovery Bible Study method, make three columns on a piece of paper. In column 1, write out the following verse word for word. In column 2, write the verse in your own words. In column 3, write out what you leaven about God and people from this verse, and how you will seek to apply this verse this week to your life. Or you can use the space below to do this.

Matthew 5:16 - "16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

  • Write out the above verse word for word. 
  • Re-write or say the above verse in your own words. Look up or ask for help for any words or concepts that you do not know.
  • What did you learn about God and people from this verse? Write this below. How will you seek to apply this verse to your life this week?