Story of Redemption 6 - The Road to the Cross

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Story of Redemption 6
Story of Redemption 6.1 - A Ransom for Many
As Jesus made his way from Jericho to Jerusalem to die for us, he tells his disciples why he came to earth - to give his life as a ransom for us.
Story of Redemption 6.2 - Seeing Jesus Clearly (The Triumphal Entry)
Jesus was viewed as teacher, prophet, and an earthly king. But who was and is he really? Trace Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem in the triumphal entry.
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Story of Redemption 6.3 - Jesus Confronts the Religious Leaders in the Temple
Jesus did a radical thing, chasing moneychangers and buyers/sellers out of the temple with a whip. He cared about the injustice shown in the temple.
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Story of Redemption 6.4 - Jesus is Betrayed
Jesus was betrayed by Judas, one of his disciples and friends, with a kiss for thirty pieces of silver. In the end, he was abandoned and left alone.

About This Class

In this part of the Story of Redemption, Jesus begins to journey towards Jerusalem, where he will go to die.