Story of Redemption 8 - Resurrection Hope and the New Life

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Resurrection Hope and the New Life
Story of Redemption 8.1 - Christ's Death & God's Amazing Grace
Christ's death in Scripture is portrayed as a triumph, redeeming us from sin & Satan--and redeeming us for God through his amazing grace!
Story of Redemption 8.2 - The Burial of Jesus
The burial of Jesus emphasizes the reality that Jesus had indeed really died, with all of its sorrow and loss of hope. But hope would come . . . .
Story of Redemption 8.3 - PART 1 - Resurrection, Hope, and Reasons to Believe
Christ's resurrection is the only incredible event the world has ever scene. And there are many reasons to believe-- including hope for our lives.
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Story of Redemption 8.3 - PART 2 - Resurrection, Hope, and the Gospel
What is the gospel? At its core, the gospel includes Christ's death, burial, and resurrection for our sins, and the new life this makes possible.
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Story of Redemption 8.4 - Baptism and New Life in Christ
We are saved by grace through faith. So how do we take hold of the new life in Jesus Christ? By trusting God in faith, repentance, and baptism.
Story of Redemption 8.5 - The Great Commission
After the resurrection, Jesus gave his disciples a mission - the Great Commission - to go into the world, make disciples, baptize, & teach!
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Story of Redemption - Epilogue - Resurrection Hope for Our Redemption
Peter had failed Jesus three times. So when Jesus appears to Peter after the resurrection, three times he asks him if he loves him . . . .

About This Class

This part of the story looks at Christ's resurrection, how to take hold of the new life in Christ, baptism, and taking up the mission of Christ.